Reflection – 18 April 2020 (2nd Sunday of Easter, Year A)

Corona Disease

The Corona disease is most probably going to be remembered as one of the greater disasters of this century. In an incredibly short time, as it seems, it has been spreading over the whole world. Thousands of people have died. Governments have taken the most drastic measures (quarantine, closing of companies, churches, clubs etc) in an attempt to limit its spreading. And nobody knows when it will stop and how far it will go and how many people will die. And in the mean time mankind is slowly but surely aroused into a state of universal panic which seems to affect everything and everybody.

Underneath there is the fear of death. Death has always been inevitable of course, and deep down in our hearts we have always known it, but normally we have managed to keep the thought of death so far away from our mind that it was almost forgotten.

And perhaps this might well be the beneficial effect of this Corona epidemic: to wake all of us up from our comatose slumber in Cloud Cuckoo Land and to make us see once again that although death is not something we like to think about , ultimately it is there and if life is not totally meaningless, there must be “more”.

It is this “more” in which we Christians believe. It is laid down in our faith, that –ultimately– we are in the hands of a loving God and that with Christ on our side, no matter what happens, we are on the way to a wonderful finale in heaven.

‘I am the resurrection and the life”. Jesus says to Martha in St. John’s Gospel,
“If anyone believes in me, even though he dies he will live,
and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. “

Fr Anthony, SSCC