Project Tent Of Meeting Restoration (TOMR)

Project TOMR ‘Tent Of Meeting Restoration’

A Call to Restore Our Church (2019 TO 2021)

Case Statement

Fund-Raising Campaign Update

Golf Classic Invitation

Sponsorship Appeal Letter

Blessed Sacrament Church was opened in 1965 as a monumental landmark in the Queenstown/Tanglin Halt Area.
Over the years, the building has been deteriorating.  There is an urgent need to repair the building structures and to replace/restore the pews,  audio/visual systems and air-conditioning to keep the church running for the next 50 years.

The Fund-Raising Programme

We have obtained the Archdiocese approval to restore our church.  A restoration consultant has been appointed to work on this project.
An estimated cost of S$6,000,000 is needed by June 2020 for the restoration work to proceed,
However, fundraising has been difficult as:
·        Number of Parishioners reduced from 7,000 to about 3,000 over the years.
·        The decline in parishioners are due to older blocks being demolished for redevelopment. Young families moved out to newer residential town.
·        Struggle to attract new residents in Queenstown due to the deteriorating physical condition of the church – Roof, Pews, Audio/Video Systems, Air Conditioning.
·        Current sound system is on loan. Only 2 projectors in the church are in working condition.
·        The Church only has a Conservation Status by URA which does not attract grants from the government.
For Fund-Raising Events, please refer to Events page.

Donation Details

There are various ways to help our Fund-Raising:
1.     Cash/Cheque – Drop them in the secured TOMR box inside the Church or Parish Office. Cheque should be issued to “Blessed Sacrament Church – Restricted Fund
2.     Internet Banking – Standard Chartered Bank  01-0-306262-9
3.     Pay Now – UEN :  T08CC4050J
GIRO envelopes are also available in inside the Church and the Parish Office.
Please note that only Receipts will be given for Cash Donation inside the Church office.  We apologise that we are unable to issue receipts due to the resource constraint in our Church. Please check with your bank if the funds are deposited correctly into the account above.
The donations are not tax-deductible.
We need volunteers and help to organise these events.
If you want to organise a fund-raising event, please seek the approval with the Fund Raising Committee.  Please do not organise any activities without the Parish approval as we are governed by a strict code of conduct under the Singapore Legislation.
If you have any queries, please send an email to or call Steve at 94358323.