Parish Pastoral Plan

Dear Parishioners,

During the Triduum and weekend Masses for the Corpus Christi celebration, we were reminded of what being a disciple of Christ means as presented by Fr Joseph Stephen.

Firstly, we need to encounter Jesus and be united with God. We need to build and sustain our commitment to be faithful to God. Just ask ourselves this: how can we become faithful and committed disciples if we are not trying to do our best? We could be struggling in our daily prayers. Sunday Mass becomes a dreaded obligation to some – some come late for Mass and leave before the mass ends. Mass is then just a ritual to fulfil our duty. We are not able to see our fellow Catholics as our brothers and sisters-in-Christ. Therefore, we need to encounter Jesus first in order to be faithful and committed disciples of His.

Secondly, we are called to continue the mission of Jesus. What is the mission of Jesus? It is to bring the Good News to others by sharing your own Jesus story in an appropriate manner, at every opportunity. And yes, your own Jesus story includes your struggles trying to live a good Christian life. But together with Jesus, we will build the Kingdom of God on earth.

Thirdly, how do we implement this mission of Jesus? The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) has crafted the Parish Pastoral Plan (PPP) based on the mission of our Archdiocese – to build a vibrant, missionary and evangelistic church.

This is our Church Pastoral Plan


As spelt out in the PPP, the church has adopted the 3-3-2 formula for our PPP. We want to carry on the mission of Jesus and our church through three pillars: spiritual growth, community building and mission work. There are three strategies: creating a Great Weekend Experience (GWE), Clear Discipleship Path and to Revive Missionary Zeal. These 3 core strategies are not separate but are inter-related. We apply these core strategies through a two-prong approach: towards the parish at large, and ministries and interest groups.

What can you do and how can you contribute to building a vibrant, missionary and evangelistic church? Your involvement can be in many ways,

  • Be part of the working committees to drive the strategies,
  • Or you can support in other areas that are critical in building the church
    • fund raising/restoration project
    • outreach programmes
    • youth groups
    • church publicity team

If you are keen to plan, organise and contribute in any way for our BSC community, do register and indicate your interest through email – or website – or the QR Code provided above. Alternatively, you can find the contact near the church entrances.

The council members may approach you for support through recommendations. If you are approached, be open. In any case, please give due consideration as this is our plan to carry on the mission of Jesus and the church. Let’s make this plan happen through your participation. If you’d like more info, you can approach any of the current working committee members, drop Fr Johan an email or go see him.

A church can have all of the programs in the world. But if people aren’t changing, all you have is religion… a show on Sundays.

We urge you to step forward and help us as we plan to carry on the mission of Jesus and the church. You will be greatly rewarded. God is never outdone in His generosity.

Love Sincerely,
Fr Johan