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To attend Mass, you need to go to to register first. Thereafter, log in to book a Mass. Before coming to church, check that you have a valid booking by logging in to and select mybookings. Your booking/s should appear. Bring your TraceTogether token or use your TraceTogether app on mobile phone for SafeEntry and Photo ID to church for verification purpose.

To attend Mass for 140 pax, you need to be FULLY vaccinated to be eligible for that particular Mass booking. Otherwise, you need to go for your pre-event testing at authorised clinic and show approved document and valid Mass booking before entry.

Entry into church will only open 25 minutes before Mass begin. You may park your car in the church compound but the gate will be closed 10 minutes after Mass ends. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The main Church building will be closed for renovation. To attend Mass, please walk all the way to the back. Safe Entry and Mass Check-in is at the back of the hall, near to the entrance of the Canteen. Zone 1 & 2 will be filled first for 140-persons Mass. Zone 3 will only be opened after Zone 1 & 2 are filled.

Due to the renovation of the main Church building, therefore with effect from 29 October 2021, the driveway will be converted to a 2-way traffic lane. Drivers need to make a U-turn at the dead end to drive out if they are dropping off a passenger. Do drive slowly and carefully.

TOMR Updates

Artist’s Impression of the renovated church
The church would like to thank all participants who participated in the event and all sponsors for the donations and contributions. It has been a successful event! Thank you.

2021 Corpus Christi Celebrations – Reflections by Our Priests

How many parishioners are registered at BSC for Mass?
What proportion of parishioners are serving in ministries & in interest groups?
These and more can be found in the Infocharts Report 2021 below.
If you cannot see the document below, please click here to download the Report on Infocharts of Ministries and Interest Groups 2021 (Extracts) into your phone.
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