An inspirational video on the why and what of the Catholic200SG and the theme “Ignite and Share with Faith”.

Activities lined up for Catholic200SG.
For more information, you may go to .

To attend Mass, you need to go to to register first. Booking for Mass in the month of December has began. Do note that the church gate only opens 20 mins before Mass begins. DO NOT be LATE for Mass as you may risk being turn away at the gate.
 The 2nd booking for the 2nd Mass in January opens on 12 January at 12pm. You can only book one Weekend Mass and one Weekday Mass. If there are available seats, you can also book the 3rd weekend Mass on 19 January at 12pm.

Mass Times

7pm (English)

6pm (English)

  • 8am (Mandarin – 1st & 3rd Sunday of the Month) /
    (English – 2nd, 4th & 5th Sunday of the Month)
  • 10am (English)
  • 12pm (English)
  • 6pm (English)

Read Fr Johan’s full pastoral letter to the parishioners, dated 14 July 2020, here.

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