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 Is teaching cultural?
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Tay Aik Kok Augustine

Posted - 05/12/2016 :  13:33:34    Reply with Quote
Is teaching cultural?

First and forth most I would like to emphasize the concreteness on the prospective sides of teachings. In realities, things surrounding us are far more intelligible than our beings where we learn how to cultivate our necessities because we humans are dominion creatures. That is why there are divisions among us because some say they like this, some say they like that and others say they like something else but still there would be divisions or at least in unity in peace and harmony. It is then that the ministers asked you people to get empowered not to gain into powers only to know where things come from stupendously at least to identify them to stay in each low profile to have no confidences of yourselves just only to make sure what it takes any which ways things acceptable living up to your expectations than the economic not knowing how you get your knowledge from. But let macroeconomics be the securities in the cohesive societies inclusively incorporating a more democratic system to makeup the differences moderately acting among the teamwork. And idealism is to put fore incorporating the use in macroeconomics. The question is to know the "buts" not "no buts", robots and what "then" follows? If you don't gain through the resources in materialisms in more pragmatic ways our teachings become a culture and trapped under norms of no securities if we describe things idealistically of which they might become of fantasies and everything is of realities because it affects us somehow or rather as nothing can't be new in the existence. Well, doctors claimed that nothing is new in the existences only to stay in good health but I can simply tell you that from the emptiness out of love there are always something sprouting new in the existences through Jesus Christ who makes all things new in the existences. But there again, Muslims are whims trying to pull a fuss one to create origins from the existences to trick and fool others and teaching their grandfather new tricks what is in avails being obsess by falsehoods cheating others along and finally gotten themselves backfired of no realities even those in sacrifices only under their clutches.

Cultures are realised because of the uncertainties only thinking positively out of something but nobody wants to make an enemy out of you from the surrounding things and if you forsake the Holy Spirit other than the Advocates you would be condemned because money is the routes of all evils and with no money the devils would be fighting among themselves for an idle mind is in the devilsí workshops. And no one can serve two Masters, either one loves or hates the other or treats with scorn and no one can serve both God and money. But only if we can serve a good purpose out of money by returning to God services in the secular world and not returning money to God which disappears when we died. For instance, if you say something like you should eat as much as possible before your next life or you would go hungry. This is because the spirits in the secular world is trying to warn you something of souls searching to find the ultimate answers to your next life before it is too late along the ways to redeem themselves. These cultures especially money, foods, medicines, artworks and especially in the pugilistsí world I would say originally that it has contagiously spread by Muslims because God is insufferable. And we can't do anything without Jesus. I can simply tell you this that some might not reach for the resources in materialisms in hands to gain through the concrete evidences because these resources can transmit in distances apart to reach us even before we could know it. Just that it is in seclusion to the frontier not sooner rather than later how material symbolisms so as to communicate reaching our hearts in connection to the other so to say realising something of the potentialities in understandings when we are part of the Soul in the universe and is also fixed.

But people have preferential as to how individual could be depending on the qualities best suit them and have differences in likings the bodies can take. Life on earth is basically a trial what become of us life after death the things acceptable to us in our present life. The unusual thing is that I told one of my Malay Muslim friends about this but he disregarded me by saying that life itself is a conquest. It is all depending on what both of us meant, firstly, what I meant is we are here on earth as a trial to bring forth the Harvest into God barns, secondly, he is trying to tell me that they are here on earth to conquer the world and what might happen next when they had done so? Eating each other from inside out like cannibals finally ends the world? The people asked Jesus why won't He takes over the Roman empire for He is a Man of peace but Jesus replied to them that it makes no different from you for Roman are conquerors if He would to take over them. He is talking of the impossible as we all have our differences because all good things must come into an ends in term of economics which is indispensible so to say be expendable and your faiths have healed your wounds.

He even describes themselves as gods when they don't seem to acknowledge God and says that they can kill the souls. The question is that where have they got the ideas from and probably from books or the Bibles misinterpreting them when he says that it is possible to revolutionise and describes how they kill the souls by making things disappear. This is what coveting is all about and it is accountable to God when modern science describes it as teleportation. They might as well say that they kill a God when they think that they live in God and not God lives in them. I would rather say that God has already killed their souls as a tiny span of dusts and that what I mean by God can kill the souls and no one else can which becomes a laughingstock for being pompous keeping these things as their secrets. And also God can kill the soul in hell to let your drooping spirit to search for souls wherever they may be to renew your faith again. All living things in motions or growth are being spirited and non-living things in objects or motionless have souls and have life forms of which God comes in all forms. The best part he said is that God created us in His own image out of love that we are already gods but there again in the Bible says in the beginning God created both man and woman. But Jesus said that if you cannot be trusted in tinted things on earth you cannot be trusted in genuine things in Heaven, just like what He taught us His prayer, the Our Father, on earth as it is in Heaven. For Jesus flesh and blood is real food and real drink as our Saviour. And also if you cannot be trusted in small things as humans you cannot be trusted in big things of the greatness in the universe as God subjects for our knowledge is scantly fumbling at least to anticipate or some are subdued by the universe predestined whether you are good or bad in our Heavenly Home of true beliefs or in Hell or to remain in the secular world of false beliefs respectively. Is all depending on the objectivities how things are described of the souls how things are derived of which how cultures are arrived for the ideologies of being materialistic to formed something to be creative. In my other forum, "Munificent in project not karma" that I described animals have no souls because it is not innovative but here I can simply tell you that all forms have souls which belong to God, control by His subjects and only humans can go to Heaven not any other things detail where it belongs on earth the soils even fowls of the air. The Soul is described as the universe which is immaterial and it is all in materiality even by the spirit itself.

Jesus teachings are accurate, constructive, structural and most of all scriptural biblically not cultural because culture is more like idolism crafting some kinds of figuring of no values, sometimes animistic, creating spirits out of inspirited. I say humans are intellectual rather than intelligent as we all are emotional and somehow connected to one another of our kinds. It also goes for sure that we are wary of the surroundings unless you are put off from something to do away with a specific task. Sometimes, we cannot blame others of the implications someone try to prevent things from happening is also because we did not blame ourselves for the courses we should undertake to say to complete the tasks given. We would be becoming a better person should we blame ourselves to foresee the whole circumstances. There was this once Father Anthony wrote in his books and should not be excluded of the differences in emphasis, is about a boy who came up to the master and asked him a question what is life all about? The master then said let me show you how and he then gripped the boy by the hair and dipped his whole head underwater. For awhile the boy wonder what the master is doing. After a longer time, the boy began to struggle trying to surface and grasped for air but then lately the master pulled him out of the water to let him feel what is life all about and the boy then earnestly asked him what was he trying to prove which the master then replied that this was his answer to his question. This is what I call what is one thing related to another, relativisms in associations to gather the Harvest into God Kingdom from death to new life.

There must be materialisms before things are realised and without material it becomes a culture as there is no true facilitator but spiritual or religious leaders, the Advocates behind them. The only minds, the Myths or the Saints of the livings whether on Earth or in Heaven as to venerate them by ventilations are the actualities of the Advocates, the Helpers being the substances of the Holy Spirit that guides any persons in doing the right things because without the Advocates, the Holy Spirit harbours evil for He is good and His fruit is the heart of a person that can turn into flesh when one desire over certain things but God dwells in the heart where it is redemptive and the devils dwell in the flesh who deceive you. That is why an idle mind is in the devil workshop. And also that the devils can take things from your hearts but the heart is residual or nonetheless which bears the consequences in your doings in life. It goes for sure nothing can be taken out from the world, that is to say it still remains in the existences where one has to persevere and takes it upon themselves not necessary be made known again for this you bear it in your heart whether consciously or unconsciously but some chose to ignore it. This is what binds us together is love and hardly can be ignore because of the existences where all creations need love. Even you show wickedness to another, it is still love as you love yourselves more than the other and no man can choose to ignore it that is why Jesus new commandment and His new and eternal covenant He with us in His Father Kingdom to drink is to love one another as He has loved you together with the two greatest commandments of all. The first is love your God from all the minds, with all your hearts, with all your souls and with all your strengths. God is love and love is your strengths. What belongs to the emperor returns to him and what belongs to God returns to Him especially love and also the Harvest is plenty but the labours are few. Secondly, love your neighbours as you love yourselves.

The world has gone heartless, viral, mad to clone creations from the origins, and of sciences and of educations other than religion producing physical evidences something observable extracts than spiritual but as weapons to control the people making them congested of no farther acquisitions only manipulative words whether preventive measures or evil doings that the Apes have went out of controls. And scientists are trying to reverse the processes of our humansí race from monkeys to apes and finally to be French men losing our tails at least more like human beings. And education should be in a way to comfort so as to preserver resting in a place gathering through the sufferings in analysing the arts and designs studying as of the architectures and cannot deny the further sufferings learning in the process or we would be hit by a submarine. Even though we find educations obligatory to have especially the books in the classrooms itself are not enough. However, whatever it may be taught during our academicals lesson we must get familiarise with things surrounding us and the experiences with God around us. At least education is the courses and caused of our foundation to aspire what applies in our workplaces although it is always under utilise but it is some kind of momentum that instil us to move forth in the learning processes guiding and gaining on us in our lifetime to accomplish and pursue our dreams for even the simplest invention is a mystery. That is why technologies should be in secondary because they are in complicated notions and evils so profound at the end results and at the surface rather than just the standardisations and workability of diversities of no actualities, not fool proof on integrations in sophistries only to describing independent state of the art something Satan putting his faith on us who comes emptied and nothing at hands only deceiving us which the Muslims are clever to eat the surface of the covers of simulators. One reason why Muslims are misers because they disallow others into their faiths in secrecies or it could be whatever originally what became of them and an excuse for self-consolations but if you have the same intentions to destroy the world or they would be anticipating. If only we can put these "technologies" sin into building the bodies with skills of our Churches in fencing our defence systems or else we would be losing the volatile of our experiences, then I would say that technologies are realistically come in conversions having good faith in God because it could rather be put in the doctrines by our actions than depleting our body prompt functionalities of using them in materials. They are pushing the youngsters in the fast pace environments to escalate in the societies and making the grades especially the hustle of school examinations. Because of the classes in the societies, people are far more status conscious grouping among themselves from all these classes and seldom mix with the others of different classes and also in term of races and religions. These are not actually classes of the societies and we should be aware that even we speak the same language, but there are many analogies of the hierarchies of languages sciences itself can produce not only as material symbolisms it is also meant to code the nomenclatures as a temporary measure because of its limitations. No one eats by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. It is never easy to communicate without material symbolisms especially when it is in its spiritual forms. And psychologists have confounded that we humans do come to fear and established it not something you can learn in the process but something that make you afraid of to discipline you just like you are in the circus whether clowns or animals. Even the control of diseases that doctors claimed that diseases are an expectancy in our life spans. And this is some sorts of tests in endurances and your true selves. But the treasure is where the heart follows also. Even though if you are not afraid to die you are acting on impulse which is a suicide under the clutches and spells of the Muslims, working along with their ancestorsí spirit promised by those in power in the secular world to rest in total darkness eventually ending the world.

Just like the Muslims highly comprehend the creation of the first man, Adam and making him the first prophet only he heard God voices but He did not make him the prophet only in charge of the animals and the surrounding creations. Surprisingly the Muslims are astonished and describe Adam as God perfect creation and produces an evident that he and his wife have no navel because they are not given birth by mother nature. This is some sort of radicalisation against the Catholics opposing the dogmas and genetically altered the behaviours and personalities of the Muslims in generations to come that the first cut is the deepest, a mortal sin which they describe that they are the animals what Adam is prophet to but they kept this as one of their secrets not allowing anyone to notice the cores of their originalities. I believe Adam and Eve have navel an evident though God leaves no traces of evidences but dictate us, make no different from any other humans given birth my mother nature because God already knows everything of His plans before our doings even whatever He passes to us of no judgement. And the Muslims are prophets to "the animals" literally or not in turns not as messengers but to take control of them and can also make you one ever since before their establishment. The Muslims even incorporate Jesus as the Prophet in their doctrines to protect theirs as Jesus said even God feed the animals for our conventions and instead we humans should carry the harvest into God barns but we are becoming and behaving like crows scavenge the foods thrown by the people. The Muslims like to adorn people of great adorations and sometimes make them as one to be on their side not as something of the goodness they can help themselves to but to be hideous over their evil ways. I strongly believe they are on the side of Satan as you could tell by how they adorn Adam who is easily tempted by him. And God said to Adam, from dust you are and dust you shall return which the Muslims are looking forward like him to perish into darkness. The reason why the Muslims don't fear both God and Satan is because they think they shouldn't exist by accidences and we Catholics describe God is love and merciful that even when they committed any sins and as a contingency that they would be redeemed or just perish in darkness. And yes God is so merciful that He damnation you to Hell for Satan punishments for disobeying Him in His directions to cleanse your sins to be like Him and with Him to redeem yourselves in the glory of His kingdom not like crows of the same repeated courses. At one time when I had a conversation with one of my Malay Muslim friends of mine when he mentioned that seven of his men went to Mount Sinai and saw God, they all turned into dust but he said that God is so merciful that He put them back together again which he told me earlier that Allah is forgive and mercy. What I have gathered much about what he had said about few of his implications, one of which all I sum up of their Muslim doings and practices is that if we show mercy to people they would not want to listen to you. So, the Muslims do this in a hush by means of merciless behind your back practicing black magic especially taking the toll to victimise other races to fighting among yourselves. In front of you they seem to be very nice to you looking out for your weaknesses and strengths to see how they can possess you to do things you possibly won't know the causes and becoming zombie and forcibly making you do the opposites or differently especially maligning you even the spreads of diseases and brain washing you whichever seems under norms. The question here is that why Muslims like to create the images of God to show no mercy since God is mercy than God creates the image of us to show mercy to others and claimed that God is not powerful when God has walked out of their lives. The Muslims like to preach but do not practice only acting as though they are bias or even pious from the outlook they are wearing to show they are one friendly people but do evil things behind closed doors.

Is not so easy for Muslims to enter the Kingdom of God Glory as they are pompous to radicalise the infamous subjects in the Bibles knowing there is no ways out if they keep on radicalising what is available than the Harvests of God words, the seeds if they fail to attempt to listen to the Prophets and their Laws than what they can make out of it especially their motives of making more money and blinded themselves. The thing is that God commandments and laws are not difficult to follow. The people mentalities become widen to a certain gap and less sensitive toward others only to their own kinds. And I don't know for what reason some people are spiteful and despise the other when they start comparing themselves from the others thinking they contribute more to the societies than others. It is unfair though when some others seem to contribute less not the reason they are incapable but sometimes the traffic is congested that there are no other opportunities or they are late, "early bird catches the worm" and they have to find another trajectory. However, it is better late than never for early birds were rushing as there are fresh intakes on deeper ground as still water runs deep without the hustle of fighting among with others. And those late ones normally have better advantages of better success in uniqueness and recognitions. That is why we Catholic have nothing better to do than doing something else of good things.

Many a time, I have often wonder why people say that the Catholics or the Christians Bibles have alterations especially the Muslims would confound to radicalise the compulsions we Catholics code in our doctrines of which this means this and that means that in purities of our hearts rather than theirs. The real alterations are done by the Muslims. And our Catholics are aware of these alterations although we still do the readings from them which the priests have already warned us not to take them as the importance, but rather what the priests tell us what the messages are significantly in our hearts. That is the reason why the Muslims say that our teachings are wrong meddling the words of God and gathering from them who had initial them more than hundreds of years ago. We Catholics are doing this is because we don't want any troubles from the Muslims as the stories line may have changes or otherwise the priests would resume the teachings for better understandings through their vocations. Base on the concurrences of the pretexts carried in memories indirectly rewritten to those had inspired by God chosen people by another person, the contextual to grasp the meanings in our Catholic Churches are in chorological orders studying the historical factuality that the transactions have been becoming more and more accurate each time in search for the truths. As the so-called books or the Bibles each itself is written some sort of accidences in conspiracy theories whether how you make up of it or to seek the origins of the truths behind them because the references and vocabularies are limited of which there was only one language or one faith until God confounded the language. No matter what the origins of the scriptures perhaps may be or how it got started that are written by human beings, but we Catholic do know of the spiritual words of God and His Subjects. By our vocations of the profession of faith exceptionally the Authority of Jesus Christ Himself perpetual to move forth ahead of others collectively and correctively which is immaterial but what we could describe in a way more accurately over the mysteries of faiths the scriptures become more and more thicker. Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect which is eternal. And no words can describe God and the scriptures but by our words and deeds as we Catholics move forth. No doubts that the scriptures cannot be nullified but the languages written by different persons can also be reencountering of the situational occurrences which could have been changed due to the differences in circumstances. But there again for all the reasoning is the understandings how a fool might want to prove their version as of the things you have not make out of it which needed explanatory of the recurrences substantially. By every careless word you uttered you would be condemned and by every correct word you uttered you would be justified. The Bibles each itself though the same but the indifferences how are they biblically written and understood by your own authorities the things exception to you just that you want someone to understand you for the reason how you live your life. The controversies are that no one can totally agree with the Bibles but the congregations each dominate by their own perceptions. And to reflect on the Bibles we should read it as much as possible again and again slowly to be discerned in our lives of concessionaries and contemporaries reiterate among the people and things around you to reach for the fullness of redemptions. And normally the wisdoms behind the truths is marshalled by the priesthoods of the fieldworks what differ from cultures delicate to the moderations by not showing any personal gratifications. Because knowledge, Prophets and their prophecies are imperfect neither to ruin them nor behind the goodwill of the people, over the dominations but not the Scripture, Jesus Christ Himself when the Blood, Water and Spirit all agree.

There was this once, I checked out what life in the dark sides of the alleys. In the dark corners of the streets, there were girls entertaining the boy customers. They were saying that this is not an ethical place to be here. But I wonder why these guys treat these gals as though they are an object and the girls don't seem to give it a thought but their livelihoods. They were doing this is because for the sake of their children and families or even their love ones and they have their rewards in genuine loves among the boys whether the guys are ignorant or not and still it is a phenomenal without clear explanations. One of the reasons why God created Earth because we are to undertake humanities to serve our trial in sufferings and shames. Life seems to have no other alternative that these girls have to resort to these things and reasonably ways out of the chores. Women are religious and doesn't mean they have to believe in God to be one but how you describe being religious of their own kinds and religion is an institution. These women are very faithful to their love ones even they flirt around with other guys and remain faithful. The deceiving part is these women do it sacrificially of their nature in yearning wanting attentions especially your cares but are not easily in love with any persons and the guys will never know of women secrets even you know the large part of it because their disclosure still remain a secret as they live by the mysteries. Have you wonder why these women say that guys only know how to sleep with them in "Mandarin hotel", that is because of men dreams only wanting these ladies for sex other than that not knowing women pains and most of the times keeping men in the dark expecting them to know because largely they are unsure of themselves. That is why we men have to treat these ladies with wisdoms. These women are more experienced than men because of their seductiveness and I was mistaken for being easily falling in love with them by my superior going out with him. It was these girls seducing me of their interest trying to find out who am I and why a guy like me would come to such a place. I overheard them in my heart that some said I come from a wealthy family, some said I am born with a silver spoon in my mouth, some said I am Lee Kuan Yew men and other said I am the follower of Jesus Christ. Only the two were correct that I am Lee Kuan Yew men and a follower of Jesus Christ. And I did not know what give my superior the impressions that I was attracting these girls with a little of my looks he claimed I have. I believe it was from these girls who had seduced him because one of these girls told me that didn't I know that my superior was an experienced man. I wonder what so experience about my superior that he was victimised by these women intuitions. It was rather deceiving parts on the girls that my superior and the rest of the guys fell preys because these women are easy going people in sacrificial ways. You won't be surprise Jesus praise and admire these women of their astuteness, neither did He condemn them making them way to Heaven, I personally bearing witness to all these happenings but my superior mistaken them and hate their guts for it. I would not rather say they have strong characters but their backgrounds or their backings. I also admire their professionalisms shown to me protecting me from others bothersome and that is why I seem naughty rather than some say that they are unethical but knowing right is right and wrong is wrong who won't forcibly make you do things you won't like, all depending how one behaves themselves. Women intuitions are being blinded and that is why they have the experiences of their seductiveness to tell things apart when looking through men eyes.

Though sufferings may seem evil is because people will take advantage of your self-sacrificing ways when you bear the courses but you should anoint yourselves with oil and be happy about not revealing to others. Love knows no jealousy, self-sacrificing and unselfish especially Jesus said to love one another as I have loved you but Muslims are sectarian and Jesus also told us to love our enemies. Intelligent is selfish we humans never are intelligent but things that are kind hearted and stupidities are generous. And if only Intelligent could be but can't be unselfish and uniqueness in securities in true loving cares, not pretentious or possessiveness because it makes your counterparts stupid. One of the villains I know said that I have no bolls to have sex with these girls but I rather have pities on them of their nature in yearnings God makes them to be and feel ashamed of myself aren't able to do nothing for them, so instead I generously giving, sharing and caring being lord over them hearing their voices as I love them all, the question is what do we really want. It begins with the youths when what makes up of the foundations. As sufferings get intensified it becomes more difficult when you get older but to ease yourselves with willingness and openness being happy about it in your hearts for Jesus said I desire mercy and not sacrifice which is to renounce yourselves to receive sanctifications. One of my Malay Muslim friends said that he was a diver savaging suicide victims in the deeps who found most were men and in his times he only found one woman. He lied to me and usually says something in reverse which I gather all my knowledge that majority of the suicidal are women than men. That is why the Muslims are always placing themselves in front of others normally in advancements psychologically their cunningness to be hideous in evil ways, arrogant and backdated and excluded themselves but included you instead maliciously whether in words or deeds. And I presuppose that those who exalted themselves will be humble and those who humbled themselves will be exalted or otherwise no one can choose to ignore them to stay harmoniously ever to reconciled and forgiving who you are indebted to by not acting on either extremes, the choice is still naturally phenomenal with no options. And the world is an all odds place to live keeping the impurities of imperfections balancing for perfections. Gals are far more matured faster than guys in the societies as they were looking for a leader to take care of them and women are trouble bridge running water if men show ill subordinations whether they know it or not what the proposition is made aware of.

However, we must be honest with the object putting your whole beings in it to earn what it entrusted to you and honesties pay always being truthful other than sincerities what the outcomes would be, no matters what are the consequences. And normally human errors not only caused by emotional incapability but also whatever fear at large not yet gain into courage unlike the other through realities. That is why we should not judge by the flesh, as we have commitments to our personal relationship normally caused by ulterior motives behind the back of the head, what constitute the whole matters to share the grievances because we are prompt to possess by unrest spirits lacking emotional performances normally talking rubbish and we must know how to interpret them which needed urgent attentions what is unseen where our hearts should not be important to us. The reason why Muslims are failures because they are kind hearted, important to themselves. And if you like to be praise you are narrowing yourselves down and Muslims like to be great making Allah almighty when it actually doesn't really matter but the works of Satan always gaining and rebound to them. The setbacks are considering the wellbeing both to the offers and the acceptances parallel to the conventions. Being good is to fear God and doing your parts to upkeep the world next to never and fearing is the progressive in learning world without ends overcoming all evils unceasingly but justify in their works in simple doings along the ways. The bad is always trying to be clever because they don't seem to know how to believe in God taking the easy ways out and use the expenses on others and most of the times they are whims pulling the fuss ones but probably their obligations and I don't know what else. And Muslims think they can take over the world by storms over their laziness but ambitious just because they thought that they are having established the great Allah and that it is one. Beauty is only a skin deep for they cheat others and gotten themselves backfires illiterately making them obstinate because they thought it has worked what approved of their doings only living among the wises.

But China has swiftly taken over the Muslims because they are far more hardworking originally what human should be but they are also ambitious and preferential commonly gaining interests in money matters in use by the Muslims, but not the whole world of the resourcefulness not afraid of losing money in investments. And the causes of ambitious is spying unable to tell the courses of natures. As for me I have the reconnaissance in natures no other can see in my naked eyes but commonly to have confidences of others. What Father Anthony wrote in his book about an army who won many battles straight at first but of their ego to rest and after six months lost their muscles in the next battle just like the story of the hare and the tortoise. The best part is that no one seems to claim that they are bad nor admitting they cannot do without others but steal people ideas whether intentional or not and are normally infested from the wises. We should in fact seek Heavenly riches than earthly treasures where thieves would come to steal or worms and moths would eat them away. The bad seems to be under distress because others or the good are doing better than them what they can do is to hog power letting people think they are capable which is absurd and vain as emptied vessel makes the most noise under the scrutiny of the good over estimated them and politically keeping them preoccupied. But the good never get anything distressful because God is the one giving them shower of gifts as they put forth the Kingdom of God first, guiding them. The thing is that people who don't seem to believe in God is also where the question lies and no one has seen God but at least to acknowledge Him as He don't need us, so we should be useful to Him than serving our sentences. Muslims like to breakdown the dogmas gambling and speculating their lives away in conspiracy theories of Catholic Churches not to preserve them but to violate and overcome sufferings trying against God and wars with others to rest in peace to perish into darkness especially their holy wars trying to be different from others only avoid being seen. And I can simply tell you that there would still be holy war but this last war will last forever because peace means war. Muslims are clever to make you dream and spite beneath your dreams and can create alibis especially in the network. For nobody wants to make an enemy out of you not of the flesh as we are not greedy only simply the things to do and learn unexceptionally and unexpectedly on Judgement Day where the good and evil spirits dwell on Earth when it begins in our hearts of the mysteries of faith depending how hygienic you are in term of characters and personalities or vice versa and do not judge the book by its cover. And you can't simply trust nobody of our curiosities. Don't they know when they sleep too much they will get tire and lose all their memories starting all over again in the lost world as everybody is newborn who God would never have forsaken them which also what withdraw us is that familiarity breeds contempt thinking there is reborn in the secular world only spiritually as patriarchs or the unclean. But if the wheat doesnít die it will not grow into another new plant and you must serve your trial first till it lasts God put you on Earth to undertake humanities and humilities to seek for the truth to consecrate to God weeding out the darnels for eternality. And Jesus said His sheep hears His voice and they follow Him wherever He goes. He is the Gatekeeper and can only enter through Him. I can simply tell you that those jump over the Gate are only brigands of thieves who kill and steal. But Jesus said those jump over the Gate are brigands of thieves who kill and steal for us to also spread the Gospels to them and to renounce falsehoods they feeding you chickens finally putting you in the slaughter house and if you kill as killing them is a suicide on account of your brethrens blood in Hell until you pay back the last penny 70 time 7 times down to the ancestry lines and vice versa as we all come from the same Adam, we Catholic minding our own business and let God has His revenge, do not spill your brethrens blood. It is hard to be humble when our ministers reprimand psychological warfare the taste of our archrival own medicine reprehensibly of the true to trivia in the realities of the nation lives. Whoever does the works of God in secret, God will reward you in secrets. Their stupidities are that they caused diseases to even inflict among themselves of their own kind, their ancestors spirit warning them about even so if they are in good health they would be evil. And if you like the songs but the writers you won't really appreciate it because the songs must go with the writers to make them better. The question here is that things that are not belong to you they would not be exceptional. Doesn't mean you are the customers because only the available things are and we should not be customaries to own any properties or the substances will control you instead of having disciplines and is not a faith where it belongs not being judgemental, a man of substance to be stern otherwise the unrest spirits will trouble you in search of your souls.

My Malay Muslim friend asked me what must we do to have salvation. At first I would not be tempted to try to answer him this question because he has an ill intention but here I can simply tell you there are many ways you must do to have salvations and ultimately I would say anyone who save their life will lose it and losing your life for Jesus sake and for righteous sakes will find it. And even you put Jesus in your hearts but you are far from Him. Out of the abundant of hearts the mouth speaks! You brood of vipers; how can you speak of good things when you are evil. Out of evil treasures bring forth evils treasure and out of good treasures bring forth good treasure. He is very keen of the Holy Spirit as he said that John the Baptist baptises with water for the reconciliation and remission of sins and Jesus baptises with the Holy Spirit and with fire because it sounded so pleasing to the ears. He didn't know that fire is also the Holy Spirit spreading sins and His Gospels to bear the sufferings and shames of His Cross. Father Anthony wrote in his book about a Christian who is faithful at first when during a war he was caught along with his friends by the enemies but he asked them to release his friends and they could take him instead. Later, in another time he was caught again but this time they put him to execution and suddenly in the firing squad he broke down and cried begging for mercy losing his faith and all the hard works he had done and finally gone. And during the war, Christians were told not to receive Holy Communion, the Bread of Host, the Eucharist celebrating the Masses so that eventfully losing their faiths but they were saying otherwise that they would not have life in them and finally got executed, and at least they did not lose their faiths. My Malay Muslim friend also said that we Catholics make false images of God and His Subjects that we pray to idols, but I can simply tell you that these are symbols and remembrances of Jesus sufferings and His Subjects, and when we pray using these symbols God only see our hearts. This one in particular that I came across a true story of a Nun who fell terminally ill and cling to a cloth from Veronica who used to wipe the face of Jesus though not the true one praying and was miraculously healed. It is not because of the cloth but her faith in Jesus who see her heart. What I figured out that he is trying to make us lose our memories in Jesus that our teachings are wrong and he is just simplistic and a simpleton wanting us be like them. Muslims are even far worse than any others and actually, as Allah is a name of an idolatry word in hideous evil ways. And Muslim women like to adorn Mother Mary just because she is a virgin. She is removed from original sins because she was willingly to commit that sin and be the handmaid of the Lord though she knew no men. But the Muslims didn't know when Mary was coronate the Queen of Heaven she pours out sins in the incarnated world for us to bear which are very heavy and to do penitents of no repentances as of her immaculate heart of conceptions for our salvations to enter the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Editorial Associate,
Tay Aik Kok Augustine
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