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Faith Music Centre (FMC)  

Objectives of Faith Music Centre

The objectives of Faith Music Centre are to impart musical abilities to learners, and leading them to perform solo, in bands or ensembles and share the joy of music to the less fortunate in various old age and children homes in Singapore and overseas.

For those who wish to learn Music

Our learners include children and mature adults. In addition to the sighted, our learners also include the visually challenged as a part of our social mission so that all can know Him through music. Music programs include drum, keyboard, piano, guitar (acoustic, lead & bass), ukulele and vocal. Kindly contact enquiries@faithmusic.com.sg or 9665 5734 or 6472 8106 for our class schedules.

For those who wish to Serve and Volunteer in our Music Activities

We welcome volunteers who wish to take time out to join us in befriending the residents from various old age and children homes through our music performances! Kindly contact Bernard_poon@faithmusic.com.sg or check out our latest activities at www.sgcares.org

For those who wish to impart their Music ability

If you are proficient and possess the relevant qualifications/ experience in the above music instruments and would like to impart your music ability, kindly contact: Melissa_tan@faithmusic.com.sg


Mobile: 9658 9055 (Alvin Yeo)

Email: alvin_yeo@faithmusic.com.sg


Website: www.faithmusic.com.sg

Facebook: www.facebook.com/faithmusiccentre

Twitter: www.twitter.com/faithmusicctr

Youtube: www.youtube.com/faithmusiccentrefmc

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