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Pastoral Care For the Sick  

What we do:
In the Gospel of Luke Chapter 6, Jesus tells us to be merciful just as the Heavenly Father is merciful. Serving as a Pastoral Care Worker of the sick, is one of the acts of the Church's Corporal Works of Mercy for the "least of our brothers" inspired by the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 25:36, "I was sick and you looked after me."

Spiritual Director: Fr. Suyono

Our ministry prays and supports the sick primarily at the Alexandra Hospital. However if need be, we may minister at other hospitals as well. We usually visit the sick in hospitals from Monday to Friday. For the housebound sick at home who are unable to come to church to receive Holy Communion, we will visit them on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Family members who are requesting the Church for Pastoral Care work will have to provide to the Church clerk the following details:
- the sick person's particulars
- the hospital ward details
- contact number
For housebound cases we need only the residential addresses and home contact number.

We not only do our visit, spend time on small conversations or pray for recovery, but bring to them the presence of Christ in the Eucharist. A short penitential rite is given through part of the prayer from a small booklet with the Liturgy of the Word before Holy Communion. A short sharing of our experience can be found here.

Meetings: Our meetings are usually held once every two months in the evenings in one of the rooms in Damien Hall at 7.30pm.

We would like to welcome you to join and serve as part of the team. If you are ready to do the work in this Ministry of the Sick, do contact Margarita Seah.

Chairman: Margarita Seah
HP:+65 97304330

Vice Chairman: Eugene
HP:+65 8176 7505

All of us can feel helpless in the face of suffering especially when one is incapable of doing anything to alleviate the pains such as those caused by illnesses.

But our God is merciful; He can hear the plea and cry of His people as He did with Moses His servant to free the Israelites from slavery out of the land of Egypt and because of our faith and Hope we have in the Son who promised to prepare a heavenly place for us, we can comfort and pray for each other in times of need and difficulties.

God our Father wants us to realize that he gave up his only Son to the terrible suffering of the cross so that we could all find the way with Him through our own suffering to the fullness of life. With Christ, who is our light and salvation, we can find the way as He is the Way to the Heavenly Father, the way to truth and life. We can call on Jesus to make our burden light and our yoke easy as He had suffered on the cross to bring us eternal life.

Jesus, when seeing someone suffering, is moved also with pity and compassion. He can heal the sick, restore the crippled and raise the dead back to life. Our God is always with us, He gives us the Holy Spirit to be His children and He will lead us through darkness and suffering.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, it is with these convictions and faith that the Pastoral Care Team came to serve in the one Body of Christ.  The team was formed about 3 years ago to accompany the sick, pray and help each other realise that we can unite our suffering and pains with Christ who gives us the meaning to this Hope we have in eternity.

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One (In The Body of Christ) Tan Guan Heng John   
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