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Landings is:
- A uniquely contemporary approach to reconciliation ministry for the Catholics, Laity and lapsed Catholics.
- A ministry of compassionate listening for evangelization.
- A ministry which empowers Laity to welcome returning Catholics.
- It is not a discussion group nor a class - its main emphasis is based on "Faith Sharing Experience" among the Catholics and lapsed Catholics.
- It is a safe harbour as confidentiality is essential in relation to our Faith story sharing.
- It is a 10-week program: the next session starts on 29 May 2012 from 8pm to 10pm every Tuesday.

Watch a short introductory video clip here.

The Landings program consists of:
1) Check-in Time
2) A Short Prayer Session
3) Telling My Story
4) Tea-break
5) Contemporary Catholic Themes
6) Closing Prayer Session

For more information, feel free to contact us at:
Tel: 96682391 (Lilian) or 97503998 (Steven)
Email: landings@bsc.org.sg

Find out how Landings has touched the life of Karolyn Shutler who attended Landings in September 2010 here. Read an interesting testimony from Tina Ang, a self-professed skeptic, who attended Landings in March 2011 here.

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