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Peranakan Group  

The Group was formed by Sr. Geraldine Ee, fmdm, in 1996 with only 6 members and is active in organizing Peranakan Masses once in 2-3 years.

Our mission is to evangelise to the Peranakan community in our parish. Through the celebration of  Peranakan  Masses for them to appreciate the Scriptures, and to praise and worship in the Peranakan dialect. We also aim to bring about an awareness of our Peranakan heritage to the younger generation to keep alive the traditions and culture of the Peranakan community through our faith.

For those who are interested to join the committee, please email Sr. Geraldine at geraldine7ekk@yahoo.co.uk

Our Activities
Spiritual - Organise Peranakan Masses
Fellowship - Cook and sell Peranakan food in the Sunday Church canteen twice a year.
Community - Organise tea sessions with guest speakers for Friends of the Peranakan.
Social - Support and participate in parish events, eg. Corpus Christi Feast day celebrations, Cultural Night Festival.

Committee Members
Spiritual Director - Sr. Geraldine Ee, FMDM
Chairman - Baba Peter Tan
Vice Chairman - Baba Paul Tay
Secretary - Nonya Jenny Wee
Treasurer - Baba Martin Wee

- Nonya Evelyn Ghui
- Nonya Grace Tan
- Nonya Helena Chan
- Nonya Sally Wee
- Nonya Gloria Ee
- Baba Donald Wee

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