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The Alpha program was adopted by Fr. Anthony Hutjes sometime in the middle of 2002 for the parishioners' benefit.  The objective of the program is to present basic principles of the Christian faith to new Christians and to those looking for an opportunity to explore Christianity in a relaxed and informal setting.


Anne Sent - Doux - Chairperson - 92395562
Richard Mohan - V Chairperson - 96880026
Joyce Lim - Secretary - 97355711
Email:  bsc.alpha@gmail.com

In early 2002, Fr Anthony Hutjes felt that our church needed a renewal programme and that was the year the Alpha conference was held and Fr Anthony together with 2 of members attended the conference and felt that it would be suitable for the parish.

The Alpha Course was founded by the Anglican Church in England. The main thrust of the course is: Presenting the basic principles of the Christian faith.  It provides an opportunity
for anyone who wants to, to explore Christianity in a relaxed and informal setting. It is an ecumenical programme  where all are invited to attend and ask any questions as there is no right or wrong answers.

6 members together with Fr Anthony formed the core team and we met every week from November 2002.  The 1st  Alpha course was launched on 3 Mar 2003 and we are into our 10th year with Alpha number 17. 

We had about 870 guests of which about 140 were non Christians.  60 of them have done RCIA in our parish.

As for the Catholics who have attended Alpha had experience a sort of “renewal” and a relationship with God through the Holy Spirit  and are currently involved in the different organisations in our parish.

We have seen and reaped the fruits of the Alpha Course. We are convinced that the Alpha Course is a useful evangelising  ‘tool’ . It has proven to be a programme that enabled many Catholics to be ‘re-evangelised’ or ‘renewed’ and many Non Christians to join our Catholic church.

For more details click here: http://www.alpha-bsc.sg

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