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Legion of Mary (English) - Mary, Mother of God  


The Legion of Mary is an Association of Lay-Catholics founded in Dublin, Ireland by Frank Duff * in the year 1921.  Each unit of the Legion of Mary found in various parishes is called a Praesidium.  In Blessed Sacrament Church there are various Praesidium.  One of them is Mary, Mother of God Praesidium.

What takes place in Mary, Mother of God Praesidium?
a) A new member is made aware of the value given to prayer from the first meeting he/she is privileged to attend;

b) The Legion of Mary aims at enkindling in its members a vibrant apostolic spirit;

c) All members perform an assigned work of a challenging nature which requires faith and a degree of heroism every week.  The short poem below briefly tells about our work.

Mary's Legion
The pounding footsteps
     On the street
     Praising Mary
     As we meet

     Once a week
     To plan and pray
     Do Mary's work
     From day to day.

     The people seen
     Are old and ill
     The shut-ins, imprisoned
     And broken will.

     To bring Our Lord
     To a forgotten being
     To visit souls
     So seldom seen.

     Bring a smile
     To a retirement place
     And to see enjoyment
     On their face.

     The neglected ones
     Hearts cold and bare
     To bring them hope
     Leave Jesus there.

     The one that's forgotten
     Their souls to win
     From Satan's slavery
     Mortal sin.

     What more to do
     For Mary's fame
     The Legion of Mary
     That's the name
              Charles Solomonson

Those interested to become a Legionary or if you want to observe our meeting, we meet at :

 Place: St Mark's Room, Damien Centre

 Time: 8.00 p.m.

 Day: Every Friday

 Contact Persons:         Anthony Raja (97705446)
                                   Margaret Teo (97327583)
                                   Pauline Hee (64791579)
                                   Angie Leong (98309537)

* The cause for the Beautification of Bro Frank Duff is now in process at the Vatican.

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