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Neighbourhood Christian Communities (NCCs)  


To foster a sense of community and care and becoming church in the neighbourhood and being witness to our faith and be of service to the community. Our parish is divided into 9 neighbourhoods (or zones). More information can be found here.


At the beginning of our Church, some 2000 years ago, the followers of Jesus gathered together in small groups for prayer, reflection on the Word of God, fellowship and service. The Acts of the Apostles records the vitality and impact of these small groups and their experience of Jesus as their Risen Lord. (Acts ch. 2: 44-47; ch 4: 32-35; ch 20: 7-12).

Our parish communities in Singapore are too big to really know and support one another in the faith. Yet we are called by Jesus to know, love and serve one another as He loves us. This is only possible when the large community of the parish consists of small groups as the body is made up of cells. Hence, the need of small vital groups of Catholics.

It is true that we have already many groups in our parish in the form of parish organizations. These organizations are task-groups ministries or prayer groups founded for a purpose. Only 5% however, of our parishioners are members of these Church organizations.

For this reason our Asian bishops want the parish to be a community of communities which means a parish consisting of basic groups of Catholics at grassroot level, who try to continue the mission of Jesus in the place where they live. We call these basic communities "Neighbourhood Christian Communities" (NCC). In this group we listen together to the Word of God, share our faith, support one another and serve those around us.

The NCC was previously known as CNG (Catholic Neighbourhood Groups) - more details about this change can be found here.


The purpose of the NCC is to gather either fortnightly or monthly as Catholics living in the same area. They meet not so much as a task group but as a little church nourishing each other towards true discipleship of Jesus.

1.    To deepen our faith and love Jesus
2.    To accept our responsibility for one another
3.    To be willing to give and accept support
4.    To share Jesus with those inside and outside the group
5.    To deepen our Catholic identity
6.    To serve those living around us

"Let us be concerned for one another,
 help one another
to show love and to do good.
Let us not give up the habit
of meeting together,
 as some are doing. Instead,
let us encourage one another" (Hebrews ch 10: 24 25)

For more details and contact information on our NCC Zones and Groups, click here.

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