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Prayer-Devotion Ministry

Block Rosary Group

We spread the love of Jesus and Mary through the prayer of the Holy Rosary at various homes of our parishioners.  [read more]

Centering Prayer Group

The Blessed Sacrament Centering Prayer Group aims to cultivate and spread the practice of Centering Prayer...  [read more]

Children’s Eucharistic Adoration (CEA)

During a CEA session, children come into the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, in song, prayer and worship.  [read more]

Christian Meditation Group

The BSC Meditation Group has been meeting since 1995 and is part of The World Community for Christian Meditation. Find out more here.  [read more]

Divine Mercy Apostalate

Come, experience the Mercy of God every Friday 8.00 pm  [read more]

Intercessors of The Sacred Hearts

The Aim of our Ministry is "To bring people closer to God through His gift of Intercession."  [read more]

Legion of Mary (English Junior) - Our Lady of the Holy Eucharist

Legion of Mary (English Junior) is a junior youth Apostolate for baptised youth of age from 11 to 18 years old.  [read more]

Legion of Mary (English Young Adults) - Mary Theotokos

We are continually inspiring each other to grow closer to God through Mother Mary.  [read more]

Legion of Mary (English) - Mary, Mother of God

Glorifying God through the holiness of its members developed through prayer and active co-operation under ecclesiastical guidance.  [read more]

Legion of Mary (English) - Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament

The Legion aims to bring Mary to the world as the infallible means of winning the world to Jesus.  [read more]

Legion of Mary (Mandarin) - Queen of the Apostles

We strive to serve God under the banner of Mary through prayer and active co-operation and the Church's work.  [read more]

Our Lady of the Holy Eucharist Praesidium

The Junior Legion is for baptised Catholics between the age of 10 to 18 years. Our meetings are on Sundays 9:00am at the Attic (St Paul's Room).  [read more]

Sodality of Sacred Hearts & Sacred Hearts Vigil

We want to promote the devotion to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  [read more]

Teochew Prayer Group

Teochew Prayer Group  [read more]

Tuesday Rosary Prayer Group

The group promotes the rosary by holding weekly prayers at the outdoor shrine of Our Lady. Prayer starts at 6.45pm every Tuesday after the evening Mass.  [read more]

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