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Community Ministry


Antioch brings youths closer to the Faith with weekly prayer meetings that consist of talks, sharings, praise & worship. They also have the yearly Antioch Camp.  [read more]

Church Attendants

We are a group of volunteers who spend 2 hours per week to maintain the peace, tranquility and safety of the church. We spend our time in meditation & prayers.  [read more]

Church Cleaners

Here're the unsung heroines (hope to have "heroes" soon!) who work hard to keep our church clean!  [read more]

Family Life Ministry (FLM)

The Family Life Ministry of BSC aims to promote, assist and support family life through Christian values among parishioners.  [read more]

Friends of San Pedro Calungsod

This is a ministry of 13-21 year-old youths. Each member of the society is called to be active in his or her personal apostolate.  [read more]

Meals From The Heart

Our aim is to provide a free meal a day to the poor and needy regardless of race or religion.  [read more]

Natural Family Planning (NFP)

NFP teaches the Billings Ovulation Method (BOM) to pre-marital and married couples regardless of race or religion to better understand human fertility.  [read more]

Pastoral Care For the Sick

The Pastoral Care For the Sick ministry visits and prays for the sick in hospitals and the housebound in the neighborhood.  [read more]

Senior Parishioners

To provide support and spiritual growth for older members of our parish community.  [read more]

Spotlight Team

Check out the Spotlight Team, which produces the monthly newsletter Spotlight and manages the BSC website.  [read more]

Twin Hearts Reading Room

Our church library has been in existence for more than 40 years and has over 2000 books and videos in 50 categories.  [read more]

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