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April 2017


Join us for a modern remake of the classic Ben Hur on 27 April Thursday 7.30pm @ Damien Hall!  [read more]

Date of Event : 27/4/2017

The New RCIA Journey Begins!
Want to know how Jesus lived his life? Keen to find out what Jesus wants to say to you? Embark on the RCIA journey to know more about the Catholic faith!  [read more]

Date of Event : 20/4/2017

Holy Thursday Reflections
Join us after Mass to adore the Blessed Sacrament with contemplative & meditative prayers in Gregorian & Taize chants.  [read more]

Date of Event : 13/4/2017

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord
More details on Palm Sunday and the Holy Week can be found here.  [read more]

Date of Event : 9/4/2017

Penitential Service for Lent 2017
Our penitential service will be held on 7 April (Friday) at 8pm. For other services in Singapore, click here too!  [read more]

Date of Event : 7/4/2017


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