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June 2015


Peter's Pence Collection (Sat/Sun, Jun 27-28)
All collections taken on Saturday, Sunset Mass 27th June & Sunday Masses on 28th June 2015 will be for Peter's Pence (for the Pope for philanthropic purposes).  [read more]

Date of Event : 27/6/2015

Bingo Nite 25 June Thursday
All are welcome to the ' Bingo Nite' by Richard Lowe on Thursday 25 June at 8pm @ Damien Hall. Please bring your friends and family!  [read more]

Date of Event : 25/6/2015

Parish Night 18 Jun 2015
All are welcome to the Movie Nite on the 18th of June 2015 at 8.00 pm in Damien Hall. The movie is on Blessed Mother Teresa.  [read more]

Date of Event : 18/6/2015

Revelation: The Kingdom Yet to Come
Join us for a 11-session DVD presentation by Jeff Cavins every Tuesday from 16 Jun - 25 Aug 2015!  [read more]

Date of Event : 16/6/2015

Parish Night 11 June 2015
Longinus Dismas will be giving a talk on 11 June (Thursday) at 8 PM in Damien hall on poverty & chastity in consecrated life and how it is linked to Mary.  [read more]

Date of Event : 11/6/2015

Sunday, 7 June is the feast day of our parish. Mass and Procession is at 5.00PM. More details here.  [read more]

Date of Event : 7/6/2015

Overnight Eucharistic Adoration
Our Lord requested that those who love Him dwell in His prescence and gaze at His Tabernacle... Join us in an all nighter with the Lord!  [read more]

Date of Event : 5/6/2015

The Mass: Morning Chalktalk
Join us for a journey through the wonders of the Mass on Thursday mornings from 4 June to 2 July 2015!  [read more]

Date of Event : 4/6/2015


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