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February 2012


Rite of Election - CLOSURE OF CARPARK
Our carpark will be closed on 25th February 2012 from 12:00 noon to 5:00pm as Blessed Sacrament Church will be hosting the Rite of Election.  [read more]

Date of Event : 25/2/2012

Mass With Healing Service
On Friday, 24th February 2012, we will celebrate a Mass with healing service in Damien Hall at 7.45pm at Damien Hall. All are welcomed.  [read more]

Date of Event : 24/2/2012

Blood Donation Drive
Your blood is replaceable…a life is NOT! Make a difference by donating blood during this Lent season - you can do so now at BSC!  [read more]

Date of Event : 19/2/2012

Theology of the Body
Discover the extraordinary Catholic teaching known as the Theology of the Body (TOB) - It will give you a revolutionary and fulfilling vision for life!  [read more]

Date of Event : 14/2/2012

World Day of Prayer for the Sick – Sat 11th Feb 2012
If you know of someone who would like to attend, please register at the church office. We also need car owners and volunteers to help bring the sick to church.  [read more]

Date of Event : 11/2/2012

ACT1V8 Youth Ministry
If you have a passion to work with youths and have an interest in Building Community, Serving the Needy, Leading Small Groups, join us now!  [read more]

Date of Event : 11/2/2012


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