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August 2008


Raymond A. Fernando & his wife, Doris Lau who suffers from schizophrenia & severe arthritis will be here on 30th & 31st August 2008 to promote this book.  [read more]

Date of Event : 30/8/2008

Courses by Fr Albert Renckens
10-session "Modern and Contemporary Philosophy" on 18 Aug 8-9:30pm at St Ignatius and 8-session "First Letter to the Corinthians" on 2 Sep 8-9:30pm.  [read more]

Date of Event : 18/8/2008

29th Anniversary of Singapore Malayalee Catholic Community
The Singapore Malayalee Catholic Community celebrates its 29th anniversary on 16 Aug 2008 with Mass at 5:30pm followed by dinner.  [read more]

Date of Event : 16/8/2008

JOYFUL FAITH - The Fatherhood of GOD
Bring your family & friends to join us in our monthly fellowship which includes Praise & Worship and sharing of God's words (Chinese & English).  [read more]

Date of Event : 2/8/2008

Calling All Uni Students!
Are you:
~ Racing desperately for your degree?
~ Looking for a way to take it slow?  [read more]

Date of Event : 2/8/2008

The Couple Empowerment Program (CEP)
CEP is highly recommended for young married couples married (1-5 years) but including those up to their 10th year of marriage.  [read more]

Date of Event : 1/8/2008


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