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February 2007


Retrouvaille:- A Lifeline for Troubled & Hurting Marriages.
If you are serious about making your marriage work, this programme could be worthwhile for you.  [read more]

Date of Event : 28/2/2007

Fr Ambrose Vaz will be conducting a study on the Book of Genesis on 12 Tuesdays (9.30am  [read more]

Date of Event : 18/2/2007

Come and join us for ALPHA III!
You are invited to the Introductory Dinner & bring your friends along as well. Please register to enable us to facilitate our catering arrangements by 16 Feb 07  [read more]

Date of Event : 16/2/2007

Lunar New Year
On the18th of Feb, we celebrate Lunar New Year. Oranges shall be blessed and distributed at all three Masses in the morning  [read more]

Date of Event : 15/2/2007

Beginning Experience
Beginning Experience is a weekend programme to help the grieving persons move from the darkness of their grief into the light of a new beginning &renewed hope  [read more]

Date of Event : 15/2/2007


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